Worship Ministry

At Christ Church of India in San Ramon, the worship experience is a sacred time where the entire congregation is led to commune with the Lord in Spirit and Truth. Our worship team, composed of dedicated individuals, guides the congregation through a meaningful encounter with God. What sets our worship apart is our inclusivity—we are privileged to have our middle and high school children participate in the worship team, utilizing and developing their musical talents to serve the Lord.

We view worship not only as a time of singing songs but as an opportunity for each individual to draw closer to God, to seek intimacy with Him, and to reaffirm their identity in Him. Therefore, our worship services are crafted with the intention of facilitating this deep connection. Through a blend of contemporary and traditional music, heartfelt prayers, and reflective moments, we create an atmosphere conducive to encountering the presence of God.

Moreover, we believe that worship is not confined to the church building or a specific time but extends to every aspect of our lives. Thus, our aim is not only to lead worshippers in a Sunday service but to inspire and equip them to cultivate a lifestyle of worship, where they continually seek intimacy with God and live out their identity as His beloved children.

In essence, worship at Christ Church of India in San Ramon is about more than just singing songs—it's about encountering God, fostering intimacy with Him, and living out our identity as His children. It's a transformative experience that we hope leaves a lasting impact on all who participate.

Please reach out to our ministry leader Sam Mathews to learn more and be a part of the ministry.